Unique Wedding Anniversary Messsges for your Best Friends

The time you all joked about finally came! Your best friend’s wedding anniversary! You probably remember all the times you made fun of him/her by saying that nobody would end up marrying him/her. Or maybe you remember all the fun times you’ve had together, thinking the world is yours. Although you are not able to do some of the crazy things you did in the past, the world still is yours. The only difference is that now that your best friend is married, life is a bit more difficult, but a lot more rewarding. The tradeoff for all the amazing memories they’ve created as a couple is that you probably are receiving a lot of 3 am phone calls by your best friend asking for advice or some comforting. You’ve never complained though because being there to help someone out no matter the time of the day is a very “best friend” thing to do! If I haven’t made it obvious enough yet, your friend needs you to give him/her the inspiration and motivation he/she needs to get through all the challenges that await in the following years to come. You are probably thinking of something good to say, and by reading this, then this means that you’ve run out of ideas. Don’t worry! Here, we’ve done all the work for you! Here are the best wishes you can say to your best friends for their wedding anniversaries!

What to Write in a Wedding Anniversary Card for your Best Friends

  • To think that there was a person in the world that not only decided to marry you but actually didn’t change its mind after a while! That’s astonishing! I do hope that it remains the same for many years to come! Happy anniversary my friend.
  • Even if your Saturday nights have gone from clubbing to watching the kids, your marriage was still worth it! I truly hope that you and your family remain strong and love each other till you draw your last breath. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Seeing my best friend all dressed up for one of the most important and happy days of his/her life made me extremely happy. Seeing that marriage has lasted all this time, and still remaining this strong, I have to say I am filled with joy! Happy anniversary!
  • Heartfelt Wedding Anniversary Wishes
  • I want to wish to the most strange, stupid, lovely, supporting, amazing, annoying person in the world, and his/her soul mate, a happy anniversary! Thank you for taking care of my friend like that for all this time.
  • As a friend, I’ve never wished anything more than for my best friend to be happy. And seeing him/her being married really sealed the deal! Even after all this time being married, he/she is still happier than ever. And that, makes me happy as well. Happy anniversary!
  • My friend, we may not be able to drink like old times, but at least your kids are having a great role model, and your husband/wife, has a great person to wake up next to every single day! So I guess that makes up for it. Happy anniversary!
  • Today marks another year of my best friend being the happiest person in the world! I sincerely hope that many years like this are to come. Happy anniversary!


Sweet Wedding Anniversary Images for your Best Friends

Anniversary Card for Friends: You two were made for each other and nothing else matters. Wishing you the best anniversary ever! Anniversary Card for Friends: Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, my dear friends! Anniversary Card for Friends: So many wonderful years lived together, and much more on a way. I’m very happy to tell you. Congrats on your wedding anniversary day! Anniversary Card for Friends: You guys are still a wonderful couple even after all these years. Happy anniversary! Anniversary Card for Friends: On this special day I wish you that your love grows stronger and blooms year by year! Happy Anniversary!

Unique Wedding Anniversary Quotes for your Best Friends

  • Having someone to care for my best friend 24 hours a day is truly the best thing that I could wish for him/her. You guys are an amazing couple, I hope you never stop loving each other. Happy anniversary!
  • I know my best friend is an amazing person, but for him/her to have met someone even more amazing, is the true recipe to a successful marriage. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Before my best friend got married, he/she was filled with fears and insecurities. Some of which even I as a best friend couldn’t solve. Yet, after spending some time married, it seems like all of them are gone! He/she truly has become a better person after this marriage! So I truly thank god for bringing this marriage as a gift to my best friend. I hope you keep loving each other for many more years to come. Happy anniversary!
  • I originally became his/her best friend because I was the only person that could stand him/her in his/hers highest of highs and lowest of lows. I’m grateful there is another person on this earth that can do this as well! Happy anniversary!


  • Growing up with you, you’ve shaped me as a person, defined me as a personality, taken care of me as a child making stupid mistakes, always with a smile on your face. And after plenty of years, when I saw you standing on that altar, I knew that the smile on your face had never been brighter. You truly deserved to be happy in life, and I’m happy that this wedding is still providing you with never-ending happiness after all this time. So here’s to many more years of happiness to come. Happy anniversary!
  • All I’ve wished for my best friend all these years was for him/her to be happy with his/her choices in life. And seeing that huge smile in the altar, made me realize that my wish had come true. This marriage is what fuels my best friend with endless reasons to live. So I hope that it keeps doing it for many years to come. Happy anniversary!
  • You’ve always been a great listener, and an amazing company. Add a romantic attraction to the mix, and you have the perfect wedding! Happy anniversary my friend.
  • Having someone to talk to on the cold nights of winter, other than me, is truly an amazing gift for both of us. You get to have the love and compassion you sometimes require late at night, and I get my sleep! This marriage was a win-win situation. Happy anniversary my friend!

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