Silver Jubilee Anniversary 25th Wedding Anniversary Messages

So, 25 whole years huh? That’s a lot! For a lot of people, that may even be literally an entire lifetime of marriage. One of the goals many couples have is to grow old together. Unfortunately, in the society we live in, marriages rarely fall apart way before they reach the “grow old together” stage. Although 25 years doesn’t necessarily mean that they are old, but they have certainly spent a lot of time together, way more than most couples. And in my eyes, for a marriage to have lasted this long and still be a successful one, it kind of does deserve some praise. So, what’s a better option than to praise them by wishing them the best on their 25th anniversary? You don’t even have to think of anything, we’ve done all the dirty work for you! So here are the best wishes you can find for a Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary!

What to Write in your 25th Wedding Anniversary Card

  • Today marks a quarter of a century that you two have spent together as a couple! That by itself is an incredible feat! You truly are an inspiration for other couples. Happy 25th anniversary!
  • Twenty-five is a common age to get married, but for a wedding to be 25 years old? Wow, I am impressed. It was only to be expected though, since every hardship that has come your way you’ve dealt with it spectacularly. I truly hope there are many more years to come. Happy anniversary!
  • On this ship you’ve been sailing for the past 25 years, I can only imagine how great the trip it must have been. For a trip as long as this one though, there probably has been some difficulties, rough seas, no wind, maybe even sirens and scary sea monsters! Yet, the power of your love has conquered all fear and pushed you forward. And for that, I applaud you, and I wish that your journey only ends when death does you apart. Happy 25th anniversary!
  • I can’t imagine how 25 years of living with someone is. But seeing the condition you two are in, I think it is quite an amazing experience. Happy 25th anniversary!


  • Usually, a dream ends when you wake up, when it comes to your marriage, the dream hasn’t ended 25 years later! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • The Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes
  • To have spent the past 25 years waking up right beside the love of your life, I can’t imagine anything else closer to perfection. Happy anniversary!
  • Being someone’s soul mate isn’t easy. Especially for 25 whole years! You deserve all the praise in the world! Happy 25th anniversary!
  • Fairy tales usually last for a few pages. I’ve never seen one that lasted 25 years. Happy 25th anniversary!
  • In these 25 years, you two have shared 2 of the best “I do’s” in the world. One was the answer to “will you marry me?”, and the other being “Do you want to order pizza tonight?”. Happy anniversary!
  • They say all things get boring after a while. Yet, after 25 years of marriage, you two have proved that you are an exception to that rule. Happy wedding anniversary!


• To have spent the past 25 years waking up right beside the love of your life, I can't imagine anything else closer to perfection. Happy anniversary! • Being someone's soul mate isn't easy. Especially for 25 whole years! You deserve all the praise in the world! Happy 25th anniversary!

Adorable 25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

  • As you face all the challenges of life together, the past 25 years have probably seemed like mere seconds, since you’ve spent them with the love of your life. I sincerely wish for many more years to come. Happy 25th anniversary!
  • Having a reason to wake up is always important in life. But when that reason has been sleeping beside you for the past quarter of a century, then you know your marriage is a successful one. Happy 25th anniversary!
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  • They say that the longer you do something, the easier it becomes. Yet, after 25 years of marriage, I can’t imagine it being easier at all! Yet, you’ve managed to overcome all difficulties. And for that, I applaud you. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • For the past 25 years, both of you have found something brighter than the sun, and more beautiful than the moon. It’s the smile you give each other the moment you wake up. That is the treasure you two share, and should never let go. Happy anniversary!
  • I’m sure there have been times these past 25 years where you have thought of letting go, giving up, walking away. Yet, the bond of love you two share is so strong, that squelched all these thoughts in an instant. Things never are peachy all the time, it’s in the hardships that true love shows up. And you, having overcome so many of them, are probably still madly in love! Happy anniversary!

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