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Browse below many unique ideas of good morning messages for your lover and make her/him thinking of you all day long! Gifts are not the only way to “steal” your partner’s heart. Your lover wants to hear from you a lot.

A great way to surprise him or her is to send a sweet good morning message or image from this awesome list below.

2. Good Morning Text Messages For Her

  • ~ May your morning be as bright as your smile is!
  • ~ Hey handsome wake up! You got a princess to take care of!
  • ~ Why does morning and night exist? To remind me of how to embrace you, to remind me of how to let you go.
  • ~ Your beautiful face is my first thought that comes to my mind when I wake up.
  • ~ A kiss, a cup of tea and my baby. That’s all I ever wanted to have in the morning! Thank you darling and have a great day!
  • ~ Another beautiful day and I would love to spend it with a beautiful lady which is YOU. Good morning my one and only woman!
  • ~ The sun is willing to show, but is shy of your beauty. Grant it the permission to warm the earth my love. Good morning!
  • ~ I don’t ever want the night to end because I love to dream about you. But one thing that makes this feeling go away is the desire to look at your beauty in reality. Want to see you soon beautiful. Get up, it’s a new day.
  • ~ It’s not easy to wake up in the morning, but I need just a thought of you to bring a smile on my face. Good morning baby!
  • ~ Open your eyes and brighten the day sweetheart. Good morning darling!
  • ~ Every morning I wake up, I realize that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a great day.
  • ~ Wishing you good morning is the best thing I do during the entire day! So here it is “Good Morning Honey”.
  • ~ Get up, sweetheart. The world is waiting for you to get started. Lots of love. Good morning my everything.
  • ~ A warm hug in a cold morning is the best feeling I know and I want to have. Coming to you my love. Keep the door open. Good Morning.
  • ~ I can’t wait for the moment to have you here by my side, every morning I wake up. I Miss you honey. Have a great morning!
  • ~ Wishing you good morning is the best start because you are everything to me. I love you!
  • ~ Not Facebook, not Twitter not anything else makes my time better, but the thought of seeing you. Good morning Miss sunshine.
  • ~ A kiss from you in the morning, gives me strength to overcome the most difficult day! Good morning my Angel!
  • ~ Your thought in the morning makes my entire day beautiful. Good morning my Love.
  • ~ I have never heard a more beautiful voice than yours and I am certainly looking forward to hearing from you as you get up. A very beautiful morning to you.
  • ~ I do not think of the reasons that make me sad, I just think of the reasons that make me glad and that is YOU—Yes you beautiful. Good morning!
  • ~ Want to meet the luckiest guy on Earth? Meet me! Every day I meet the one, I love the most and dream of.
  • ~ No alarm or nothing can wake me up, unless I hear from you. Good morning my princess.
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  • ~ It’s like a miracle watching you in the morning sleeping next to me. Have a great day baby!
  • ~ Let’s start the day with the world’s biggest truth- my love for you. I love you baby. Good morning.
  • ~ You are my sunshine and that is why texting you in the morning is the very first thing I do. Morning sunshine.
  • ~ Every day I wake up with a wish that one day we will be wrapped in one another arms when we wake up.
  • ~ I will not refrain from telling you today how ardently I adore you and love you. Good morning to my love.
  • ~ Your presence has made this Earth an Eden for me. Wherever you are, there is Eden. Good morning sweetie.
  • ~ Nothing pleases me more than wishing you the first thing in the morning. I love you my lady.
  • ~ Whosoever is loved is not poor! And I consider myself the richest of all. I have you loving me.


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