Romantic First Wedding Anniversary Messages for Wife

You may want your first wedding anniversary message for your wife to be sweet, romantic or a little bit funny; but your main goal is to make it memorable! Let’s make yours stand out! Thing is, you may not have come here to wish a happy first anniversary for your husband. You may be on the exact opposite side of the spectrum and have come here to find a wish for your beloved wife. In that case, it’s even harder! Women are so much harder to please. But you have to worry about nothing since we’ve got you covered once more! Here are the best wishes for you to give to that beloved wife of yours for your first anniversary!

What to Write in your 1st Wedding Anniversary Card for your Wife

  • When I met you, I thought that had seen the most beautiful thing this earth had to offer. Yet, exactly one year ago, when I saw you in our wedding, my mind changed completely. Happy first anniversary!
  • One of the things this year has proved is that no matter how much we annoy each other sometimes, at the end of the day, we still are the perfect couple. Happy first anniversary!
  • I’d like to thank you for all the times you’ve been there for me this past year. You are what brings me back up all the times I’m feeling down. You are my light of hope in the darkest days. I love you, happy first anniversary!
  • Sincere Anniversary Wishes
  • If I had to describe our first year of marriage, I’d say it’s a roller-coaster. It had its ups and downs, its highs and lows, it’s crazy high-speed turns and curves. But at the end of the right, we got off with a smile, shouting how amazing that experience was. I love you, happy first anniversary!
  • Waking up next to my beloved wife for an entire year was probably the best wedding gift I received. Just the sight of your smile every morning lightens up my day. Happy first anniversary!
  • This past year, the sun hasn’t been the hottest thing in my life. That spot has been by the warmth I feel in my arms every night that I hold you until we fall asleep. Thank you for the best year of my life. Happy anniversary!
  • Our journey together these past 365 was like a fairy tale, where the beautiful princess comes across the lost prince’s way and is there to make him the happiest man in the world. Happy first anniversary!


First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife: Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same. First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife: I just want you to know, that when I picture myself happy, it’s with you. First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife: I want you for always … days, years, and eternities.

Adorable First Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

  • The thing that this past year has made extremely obvious, is the fact that I want many more years like this to come. I don’t want to grow old, but if I do, at least I want it to be with you. Happy first anniversary!
  • I want to say thank you for turning the world upside down to make sure that our first year as a couple is a perfect one. I love you, happy first anniversary!
  • Being married to you isn’t nearly as hard as I’d imagined marriage to be. It’s like having a never-ending sleepover with the hottest woman on earth. Happy first anniversary my love.
  • Not divorcing me after a full year should deserve an award! Thank you for being both the wife that I want and the one that our house needs. I love you, happy first anniversary!


  • Anniversary Messages for Wife
  • With you around the house, life has always been an adventure. An adventure to find the remote control, the chocolate bars, the phone, my car keys…. But an adventure nevertheless. Thank you for making this past year an experience to remember. I love you, happy first anniversary!
  • Tonight, like 2 lovers dancing alone in the moonlight, we experience perfection, as one year of our marriage comes into close. I love you, happy anniversary!
  • When you look into my eyes, my body freezes, like a little boy falling in love for the first time. Replicate that feeling every day for 365 days, and you have perfection….or more specifically, our wedding. Happy first anniversary!
  • You’ve made ordering pizza and staying in on a Friday night to watch a movie the best date a man can wish for. And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy first anniversary!

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