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Find the perfect words! Browse our collection of wonderful samples of New Year’s messages for business partners, colleagues and customers. As we count our Christmas Blessings and look forward to the New Year, we always make certain that our family feels our love. Certainly our personal lives come first on the priority list during this hectic season. We can’t forget those who put our Holiday food on the table and assisted in buying gifts for our children. Our business clients deserve our thanks and well-wishes also. This is vital for maintaining those valuable business relationships upon which our livelihood depend. This is not the time to cut corners. Just as the family you care about receives a thoughtful message, your clients deserve no less. Address each client by name, so they don’t feel like you’ve sent out a bulk advertisement instead of a sincere “Happy New Year.” Following are some examples of sentiments that hit the mark.New-Years-Messages-for-Business-Partners

  • As we look forward to the New Year, we also reflect on our valued partnership. We wish you continued prosperity.
  • Just as there are friends in life, and we count you as true friends in business. Happy New Year.
  • We have enjoyed our working relationship over the past year and are excited by what lies ahead for our partnership. Happy New Year.
  • As we end one year and look on the horizon of the coming year, we thank you and wish you a profitable New Year.
  • Wishing you continued prosperity in the coming year. We look forward to working with you in the coming year.
  • As we set new goals for the coming year, we look forward to our partnership with you in reaching our mutual objectives.
  • Working with you has been a powerful learning experience. Here’s to another prosperous New Year.
  • It’s not imperative to genuinely like a client, but it’s been our fortunate relationship with you. Wishing you a great New Year.
  • You played a huge role in this year’s prosperity, and we gratefully look forward to what the New Year brings.


Corporate New Year Messages

  • Dealing with you has been both profitable and pleasurable. Looking forward to teaming up in the New Year.
  • We look forward to serving you in the comiing year and send a “Happy New Year” as we meet our new mutual goals.
  • It is because of working relationships with stellar people like you that we look forward to the coming year.
  • As we thank you for this year’s accomplishments, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year.
  • When working in tandem with clients like you, it hardly seems like work. Thanks, and Happy New Year.
  • You have brought out the best in us, and we gratefully look forward to serving you in the coming year.
  • In a perfect world, all working relationships would be as satisfying as ours. We look forward to the New Year.


  • Working with you during the past year disproves the old addage that nice guys finish last. Happy New Year.
  • As we wish you a Happy New Year, we look forward to growing our prosperous relationship in the coming months.
  • As we celebrate the New Year, we wish you the best. We’re ready to assist you in achieving your new goals.
  • Thank you for being a delight to work with. In the coming year, we hope to continue our prosperous friendship.
  • Clients may come and go, but true friends in business are rare. Happy New Year to you, our friends.
  • In the coming year, we know we can set our goals high because of our experience working with you. Thank you.
  • Let’s celebrate the accomplishments we achieved together as we set our mutual goals for the New Year.
  • Happy New Year! Thank you for your patronage. Please let us know how we can assist you in the coming months.
  • Working with you has been such a pleasure — and financially rewarding as well. We wish you a very profitable New Year.
  • You have made our working relationship both fun and powerful. Happy New Year!


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