Last Day on Earth: Survival v 1.17.2 b500578 Mod (Unlimited Gold Coins / Max Durability & More)

Last Day on Earth is a cute survival simulator in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with nice graphics, isometric camera and rich gameplay possibilities. Players will have to start from scratch and use the remains and garbage from the collapsed civilization to equip their new home. It is worth joining forces with other people for a better result, and it will be easier to protect the territory from intruders.


What’s In Fashion

  1. Infinite Coins
    Free crafting and building;
    Infinite skill points (you can spend them in minus);
    Division of single things;
    Eating any food will satisfy hunger and thirst as much as possible;
    All skins and modifications for the chopper are open;
    After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, which has the following options:
    Dividing items increases their number;
    Open all crafting recipes (regardless of character level);
    Instant movement on foot across the global map (events do not appear without wasting energy);
    High damage;
    Fast walk;
    Mobs stand still.



MOD 1.17.2



What’s New In Update

– Hunting season for zombies is open!
– Field Camp and contracts for zombie hunters.
– Catching and studying zombies.
– Weather conditions at Season 10 locations.
– Event locations Ruined laboratory and Scientists’ van.
– New bikes, underwear, and backpacks.
– The season pass system updated.



OS Version: Android 4.1+

Internet: required

Download Apk Mod only from the site!

Free space required: 35 Mb

Multiplayer: via the Internet

How To Save Your Data

is it Possible to create a chopper (motorcycle)? Where to get fork and tank from chopper?

– you Can. Fork and tank fall in the boxes on the first floor of the bunker alpha for the orange (less likely) and red (more likely) coupons.


– Can I collect the vehicle?

– not Yet. You can start but can’t complete the Assembly.


– Can I dosobirat chopper/Rover on the locations of bots? Will he be mine?

– No details not even in slots. And not removed to transfer to yourself.


– for some time collected the coupons on the boxes in the bunker alpha, but the plug and the tank never fell out. They’re definitely there?

Exactly. But it is rare.


– Why not put a generator on the tower?

– first it must be crafted on the basis of and take the chopper


you Need to copy the folder zombie.survival.craft. which is: /Android/data/ in any convenient place, after reinstalling back. This does not require Root!




Locations and Events

– Where can I find a card from the Alpha bunker? And the code for the lower floors of the Alpha bunker?
– A card on the corpse of a soldier at the entrance to the bunker location. It is also sometimes found in zombies and in boxes in red and yellow locations.
The code is reported by radio (assembly is needed) once a day, it also happens on the corpse of a soldier in locations.

– I was killed at the location, can I return to remove things from the corpse?
– At the home location, in the bunker and at the location of the smugglers, the last corpse is available. In the last two cases, it is available only until the end of the event.

– The merchant never came, why?
– The radio must be collected for the merchant to appear.

– Where can I find a doctor?
– The healer appears once at the home location after the arrival of the Horde.

– Where can I find humanitarian aid?
– An event (event) with a load occurs when the player has less than 50% energy. Like all other events, there is a limited time.

– How to defeat the Zombie Horde?
– You can stay and fight, or you can leave the location half an hour before the event and return after, they will demolish only stakes or a couple of wooden walls.

Available on Google Play



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