Last Island Of Survival 2.8 Mod (Lots Of Money) For Android-IOS 2020

Last Island of Survival Unknown 15 Days v1.0 Mod (full version) Apk + Data

Last Island of Survival Unknown 15 Days v2.8 Mod (Lots Of Money ) Apk + Data

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Developer :

Last Day Rules: Survival v 1.0 b24 Maud (Lots of money )

The Rules Day of Last: Survival – a mixture of royal battle and survival simulator. The project is designed largely for cooperative action. One would be virtually impossible to achieve anything worthwhile. Scarce resources and the constant danger from the different parties will require a cohesive team that is able to work for the common good. Construction, craft, research, battles, extraction of useful, as well as everything else like anyone who believes that the hybrid game – is the future of entertainment industry. Well and beautiful graphics provides all this impressive visual component.

What’s In Fashion

Lots Of Money

Added 10K Diamonds


What’s New In Update

1. New AI system added. The weapon of the turret and the vehicles will attack the players first and attack the monsters secondly.

2. Optimize the reset logic of the vehicle.

3. Fix the unusual death and take off bug when the hunter wing was lack of oil.

4. Building limits of the base turned to 200, other buildings turn to 800.

5. Anti-Cheat system updated. 

6. Game optimization and bug fixes.

1. Fixed a bug2. Recipe: Helicopter now is sold in the mall, 24 Restart Badges each.3. The leaderboard abnormal problem was fixed in the lobby, and the leaderboard system was reopened.4. Added small Bullhorn in the lobby, which can be used to speaking in All-Listen channel, 10 points coupon each.5. Added team rename card in the lobby, support to modify team name, 300 points coupon each.6. Added Triangle Rooftop, can be combined with roof to build more house structures.

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