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For the baby boomer generation, the 60th birthday is a landmark day, in other words turning 60 is a BIG DEAL. It is not only a day to celebrate over a half a century of wisdom gained in living, but it also brings you with it a host of never experienced physical constraints and reality checks about getting older. It is not only a day to celebrate over a half a century of wisdom gained in living, but it also brings you with it a host of never experienced physical constraints and reality checks about getting older.

To help you celebrate, here are some sentiments. Okay, some of them are jabs, but they come from a place of love and admiration. Seriously, we are glad you made it this far. Read this unique list of 60th birthday wishes and enjoy!

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

  • People who say age is just a number have never turned 60 years old. Here’s to wishing you a happy birthday!
  • 60 years of doing your own thing. 60 years of marching to your own beat. You are the drummer and your life is the drum. Happy 60th to an incredible individual!
  • Remember, you don’t have wrinkles at 60 years old. Just laugh lines. Judging by your face, you are quite the comedian. Happy birthday.
  • You have seen life’s ups and downs, triumphs and failures. Yet, you still celebrate. Happy 60th birthday!
  • Your turning 60. You have touched so many lives. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration to us all.
  • You’re not really turning 60. You’re just celebrating the 30th anniversary of your 30th birthday.
  • Now is the time to think about finding less strenuous activities in your free time…like letting someone else pack the parachute for a change! Fly high on your 60th!
  • Turning 60 means never having to say you’re sorry…because you can’t remember what you did! Best wishes.
  • Bumper sticker for those turning 60: Warning: Car makes hairpin turns at a moment’s notice at any senior discounts. Enjoy your day!
  • You’re turning 60…you now officially own the fast lane at any speed under 45 with complete obliviousness to any other drivers! Enjoy!
  • I was going to put candles on your cake, but the fire marshal said it was not allowed. Happy 60th birthday!
  • Have a great 60th birthday. The funeral home called by the way. I told them you were still here.
  • If age is a state of mind then your body is a liar. You don’t look 60 to me.
  • Six decades ago you were born. And that’s the day that changed everything. Happy birthday.
  • I bought a hairbrush for your birthday before I realized you were turning 60. Oops!. Happy birthday!
  • At 60 you shouldn’t take life too seriously because no one will take you seriously at all.
  • You can out run a lot of things, but when you turn 60 old catches up with you. Happy birthday anyway.
  • Happy 60th birthday! Hear some prune juice and oatmeal and soluble fiber to help you celebrate!
  • I hope you have a great 60th birthday. Please remember to turn your CPAP machine on this evening. Your snoring had the neighborhood dogs active last night.
  • For your 60th birthday I thought we would celebrate with a little snap, crackle and pop. Not the cereal, a joint specialist.
  • At 60 it gets harder to think when people say, “Remember the time when….” Oh well, happy birthday anyway!
  • Happy birthday! You’ve gone through a midlife crisis, but you’re 60 now. Expect to deal with many other types.
  • Happiest of birthdays to you! We have finally discovered the secret to staying young forever. No point in you knowing, you’re already 60.

you've made the big 60 happy birthday

  • Happy 60th birthday! At least you are young enough to still have just one zero after your age.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. You can’t remember the rest because you’re 60. Happy birthday!
  • If you’ve always felt like marching to the beat of your own drum, 60 is the time to do it! Make 60 only the beginning! Best wishes!
  • You know you’re turning 60 when the biggest highlight of your day is waiting for the mailman to drop off the coupon insert instead of the latest edition of Playboy! Best wishes on your birthday!
  • You may have turned 60, but you are still a wonderful work in the making and an inspiration! Enjoy your day!
  • Turning 60 for you is merely an arbitrary number; you are as young in heart and spirit as you ever were and always will be! Have a brilliant birthday!
  • Happy birthday! It’s good to see you in shape at 60 years old. Round is a shape after all.
  • Just remember, a happy 60-year-old is a lot healthier than a 30 year old grump.
  • If you forgot it was your birthday today we have you covered. It’s one of the perks of turning 60. Here’s to many more!
  • So who cares if you are entering the winter of your life. Let’s go sledding! Happy 60th birthday!
  • You can finally stop complaining about those high health insurance premiums. At 60, you will start cashing them in. Happy birthday.
  • Since you’re turning 60 I thought I might borrow some wisdom from you. After all, you won’t need it anyway.
  • Turning 60 on the job means you can receive the same pay for much slower inefficient work. That’s the good life. Happy 60th birthday!
  • The greatest thing in this life you have earned is not money. It’s the respect of your family and friends. Happy 60th birthday, we love you!
  • They say the sun begins to set at 60. Grab a drink and sit on the beach. You don’t want to miss this. Happy 60th!
  • They say life is all downhill after 60. Just make sure no one is pushing you down the hill. Happy birthday.
  • They say people are living twice as long these days. I myself never expected you to make it past 30. Happy 60th!
  • To a fantastic human being who has given a lifetime of friendship and love to all that celebrate your special day! Happy 60th!
  • Whether you’re 40, 50, or 60 today, your state of mind is perpetually young and it is reflected in your youthful glow and spirit. Enjoy your day.
  • You can now leave all your youthful troubles behind…and live from the wisdom you’ve gained through it all. Congratulations on your 60th birthday.
  • Now is this time to live by your own set of rules and to live as your best self! Make 60 just the beginning!
  • Old age brings weak bones and exhaustion. However, it also gives grandchildren and retirement. Congrats! Happy 60th birthday!
  • Turning 60 means you are either eternally wise or eternally grumpy. Your call. Happy birthday.
  • You are turning 60. Get out there and celebrate you saucy minx! Happy birthday!
  • A broke 20 year old has no problems. They can still have fun. However, a rich 60-year-old can’t have fun at all. Happy birthday!
  • Whoever said life becomes sweeter, like wine, with agent never turned 60. Happy birthday!
  • 60 is one of the best ages because you get to really pretend you are old to get the best seats on public transit. Happy birthday!
  • Don’t slow down now that you’re turning 60. However, don’t go too fast either!
  • Congratulations, you have lived threescore. One more and you are Gettysburg Address material. Happy birthday!
  • Eenie, meenie, minie… 60! It’s easy to catch you now that you’re old. Happy birthday!
  • You’ve always proclaimed that age is only a state of mind. But 60 just phoned in the wake-up call to the rest of you! Have a great birthday!
  • 60 is the time to now make your life an adventure…just don’t break a hip on your way to the car! Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Remember that wrinkles are just a sign of life experience and being wise; you might do with being a bit less wise! Cheers on your 60th!
  • Life is a banquet at 60! Just make sure you aren’t a few sandwiches short of a picnic! A very happy birthday to you!
  • Now is the time at 60 to consider skinny-dipping…it makes it so easier to not worry about not looking good in a bikini! Happy 60th!
  • Your turning 60. Keep turning. If you don’t bad things might happen!
  • You have lived through radio, tv, 8 tracks, cassette players, cd players, mp3s, fax machines, pagers and cell phones. #techsaavy Happy 60th birthday!
  • Your 60th birthday is now a much-earned reality…kind of like your senior discount at McDonald’s.
  • Now is the time to embrace your inner wild child while you still can! Unpack the disco ball and do the hustle! Happy 60th!
  • Many best wishes on turning 60! Now you can say whatever you feel without worrying about what anyone thinks because no one under the age of 59 is listening.
  • You can now start embellishing your age. Tell them your 80 and bask in the praise of your youthful glow! Happy 60th Birthday!
  • You may be turning 60, but your spirit is forever 30! Happy 60th!
  • Your style and grace have evolved over half a century into an iconic creation that everyone admires! Have a glorious 60th!
  • You were a marvel at 40, a dynamo at 50, and now you are a revelation at 60! May your birthday be illuminating!
  • You have reached 60 amazing years of life and been an inspiration to everyone around you. Hoping the next 60 years is just as good.
  • Bask in all your life experiences and the beautiful memories you have had for the last 60 years, and with many more to come! Happy birthday to a wonderful person!
  • You may have lived 60 years so far, but everyone knows it’s only a number! Happy 60th kid!
  • Your fortitude and sage advice throughout your life have inspired others to live their best life. We can only wish you the same for your 60th birthday.
  • Many say that turning 60 is the time to begin to take it easy and live life one day at a time. I say grab a handful of years and live like you have another 60 to go! Enjoy!
  • With age comes maturity, lessons learned, and wise advice for the young ones around you—at some point, you should really hit that to-do list, don’t you think? Have a great 60th!
  • At 60, it is time to seriously reflect upon all that you have experienced and learned throughout the years…especially since no one else will take you seriously anymore. Cheers!
  • This is the milestone birthday where singular candles all over the cake are substituted for candles made of numbers; potential fire hazards need to be minimized at all times. Happy 60th!
  • You can’t run away from a landmark birthday like 60! Come to think of it, you can’t run anymore at all! Happy birthday to you!
  • At 60, our children have flown the coop, we have a nest egg to spare, and are happy as a rooster to be on the verge of retirement…too bad that we can only eat the egg whites because of high cholesterol!
  • Being 60 may give you a few more wrinkles, but your spirit is ageless! Have the very best birthday!

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