Anniversary Wishes for Couples, Friends and Family Members

So, this time of the year has come. For you, it’s probably another day. But for a certain couple you know it’s their wedding anniversary! How great they must be feeling! They might even have arranged something so they can celebrate, and you might even be invited. You see, an anniversary is a very special day as a couple. First and foremost, it reminds them of the reason they fell in love at first, while giving them a reason to celebrate it. Also, research has shown that marking important anniversaries(like a wedding) can help strengthen a relationship. So, to get to the important parts, if you are still reading this, then you probably have no idea what to wish for them. You don’t want to give a lame or boring wish. But you don’t want to write something that seems out of place either. So here, we’ve done all the dirty work for you! Here are the best wedding anniversary wishes you can send for a couple’s anniversary!

Heartfelt Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

  • You guys have proved that the types of marriages we see in movies can happen in real life! You’re like you’ve jumped out of a fairy tale. Don’t stop the magic, keep it going till you draw your very last breath. Happy anniversary!
  • No matter how difficult the times you’ve spent together have been, your love has gotten you through it. Thus, you have this day to celebrate another year of being together, another year of being the perfect couple. Happy anniversary!
  • As another year passes you celebrate all the good times you’ve had together as a couple, choosing to leave out all the unhappy memories. I won’t lie, challenges await, and will always await. No marriage is easy, but I believe your love is strong enough to face every difficulty, and it will only keep getting stronger. Happy anniversary!
  • As another anniversary passes by, you prove to the world, and most importantly to yourselves, what a great example you are as a couple. I truly hope you never stop loving and cherishing each other, and that you spend much more great times together. Happy anniversary!
  • Anniversary Wishes for your Best Friends
  • It is amazing to see that after all these years, the love you have for each other is still growing! I wish for that love to grow even more. Happy anniversary!


  • As you continue to traverse the path of life together, may your marriage last forever, till you draw your last breath feeling no regrets, only endless love for your significant other. Happy anniversary!
  • May the happiness you feel today, become a feeling you experience every moment the two of you spend together. Happy anniversary!
  • You have proved to yourselves, that your love can last one more year. Let’s hope that is something you get to prove for many more years to come. Happy anniversary!
  • True love can only be found in the darkest of days. The person you may feel you are in love with can appear to be someone selfish, someone not ready for a serious commitment, someone that will abandon you when things get rough. Yet, the two of you not only have made it through the roughest of times but have managed to strengthen your bond while doing it. And that is what makes you a remarkable couple. Happy anniversary!
  • One of the things you’ve managed to prove over the years is that your marriage, among many things, is an adventure. You guys never seem to be bored, you never seem to accept the normal boring life most couples decide to live. You always spice things up, are always up to something exciting, always living life to the fullest. And that, is probably what keeps your wedding so alive and interesting after all these years. So I urge you to keep exploring the world, keep exploring life, keep things interesting. And most importantly, keep doing it together. Happy anniversary!

Every love story is beautiful but yours is my favorite

Wonderful Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Couples

  • After all the time you’ve spent together, I’m pretty sure you’ve gone through many things together, both good the bad. Now if I have one advice to give you, is to only keep the good and discard the bad. Never stop loving each other and always look forward, together. Happy anniversary!
  • It is rare to see a couple that after all these years still treats every single day as it is both their first and the last. You truly are an example to follow. Happy anniversary!
  • Even the gods of love themselves could not have crafted such a perfect love story like yours. You truly are like you came out a romantic novel. I truly hope you remain this way. Happy anniversary!
  • Finding true love has always been one of the most difficult things in our current society. Yet, not only you make it seems so easy, you have given hope that everyone else can find it as well. Happy anniversary!
  • After a certain amount of time, couples tend to lose that spark they had when they first met. Yet, not only you have kept that spark, you have made it grow into a wildfire. Happy anniversary!
  • As you continue growing old together, I’d like to wish you to remain the first and last thing in the thoughts of your significant other. Your love is one to be truly admired, and it is probably one that will last forever. Happy anniversary!


  • No matter where you end up in life, no matter how rough things get. You will always have one another. And that is the beauty of marriage. I truly hope that you never forget that. Happy anniversary!
  • You realize a marriage is truly successful when your favorite dreams are the ones you create while being awake. And you guys have really become a couple that seems to have emerged off some dream. Happy anniversary!
  • Most couples, if not all of them, take one day off the year to celebrate their union. In that day they celebrate and remember past moments where they’ve been happy in their marriage. Yet, you two have done so much with each other ever since you got married, that I don’t think that one day is enough! And if I can wish you one thing, is that you keep on creating happy memories to remember on your anniversaries to come. Happy anniversary!
  • They say magic does not exist. But I cannot find something else that can explain how every time you look at each other and kiss, seems like you are doing it for the first time. Your love story truly gives “The Notebook” a worthy rival! Happy anniversary!

Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day.Here’s to another year of being great together. Happy Anniversary!

Sincere Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

  • At first, seeing my mother/father with another person made me feel a bit weird. But seeing how happy you guys are together as a couple, all I can feel now is bliss! Thank you for making my mom/dad feel love and happiness again! Happy anniversary!
  • After you two got married, life around the house has been different. Having only 1 parent made the house feel empty, cold, quiet. Yet, you’ve come to change all that. You two as a couple have brightened up the house again, and for that I thank you, and I wish you a happy anniversary!
  • When my parents got divorced, I thought that I’d never see my mother/father happy again. Yet, ever since you’ve come along, you prove me wrong every single day. Happy anniversary!
  • I know that I’ve never called you mom/dad. Because let’s be honest, you’re not that. And in my mind, there is no need to compare you to anyone just because you “replaced” him/her. But that is not a bad thing. Ever since you’ve come to our lives, the sorrow and unhappiness that lingered around the house due to having one parent have disappeared, having been replaced with love and happiness. I truly hope you keep making my mom/dad happy, because that results in the entire house being happy! Happy anniversary!
  • One of the many things your marriage proved to my mom/dad, is that she/he has the ability to love again. Something she/he thought to have lost a long time ago. Thank you for helping her/him find herself/himself again, you two as a couple is definitely a beacon of hope for all the married people out there. Happy anniversary!

Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.

Adorable Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

  • Every year you two spend together, you keep reminding me how old I’m getting. I still remember my little sister playing with her dolls in her room. Now she is a caring wife and a loving mother. You are one the couples that make me never lose hope for marriage in our time. Happy anniversary!
  • Every year that passes, your life as a couple keeps proving me that my sister can care for something other than Netflix, shopping, and food! It’s a beauty to witness what love can do. Happy anniversary!
  • I never thought I’d find a person that will not be completely annoyed by my sister. Yet, all the time you’ve spent together as a couple, made me realize that there is actually someone in the world that can transform my sister into this loving and caring wife and mother she is today! By doing that, this marriage has probably saved the world from doom! So I wish for you to never stop loving each other, and to never stop until you draw your last breath. Happy anniversary!
  • It is astonishing how after all these years, you guys are still in love like the very first day you met. As we were growing up, I was sure my little sister will one day be the happiest person in the world, because she deserved it. But ever since you two became a couple, that day has been every day you spend together. Happy anniversary!
  • Ever since you two got together, my sister has been truly happy. And for that, I sincerely thank you. May your love last for endless more years to come. Happy anniversary!

Real love stories never have endings.

Sweet Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

  • I cannot believe that my brother found something to love other than food sleep football and video games! I thought his heart was full! Yet, this marriage, keeps proving me wrong every single year. Happy anniversary!
  • Ever since my little brother was born, I was certain that one day I would be very proud of him. That day is actually one of many that keep coming every year. It’s you guys’ wedding anniversary! The fact that my brother has managed to start such a lovely family truly makes me the happiest person in the world! Happy anniversary!
  • To think that a marriage could change a person so much is extraordinary. To see my brother evolve to such a caring father and a loving husband truly makes me blessed to call myself his brother. I sincerely wish you to never stop loving each other, no matter how many years go by. Happy anniversary!
  • Seeing my brother going from tying his shoelaces before a football match with his friends to tying the knot with the woman of his dreams, really made me happy. But seeing him after all these years to still adore his family and honor his marriage, it makes me the happiest brother/sister in the world. Happy anniversary!
  • One thing I know is that life is a trip. And my brother always liked to travel. I’m glad that he’s found his destination within this marriage. I truly hope the love you have for each other never stops growing. Happy anniversary!

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