Free Fire – 3volution – the next stage in the development of a pretty good clone of the well-known game in the “battleroyale” genre. Now the whole island is open for gamers to which 50 people can go at once. Fight, find tactically advantageous positions, set up ambushes, survive in difficult conditions and do not know pity for your opponents. Do everything to stay the last one alive and get the main prize. 


What’s In Mod Menu

  1.  Aim Bot : allows the player to automatically lock the target on any enemy in sight. Thus, all shots fired by the cheater hit the opponent with perfect precision
  2. Wallhack : allows the user to see through walls. With wallhacks, users can see enemies from a great distance, as well as objects, ammunition and weapons. Also, they are unlikely to be surprised, as they have a much more privileged view of a normal gamer;
  3. Mod Menu : the player gets several advantages, such as increased recoilless weapons, increased movement speed, among other tricks;
  4. Deactivate visible control : allows the user to shoot even enemies that are hidden or camouflaged
  5. Headshot 99% : Increases the possibility of headshots, allowing the user to shoot headshot constantly.



* credits mateo tv gaming


Free Fire is a Battle Royale game available for download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The game, which is competitive and has a patent classification mode, suffers from cheating. One of the most famous cheats is Mod VIP, a paid application that guarantees numerous additional advantages over other players. La Garena prohibits the use of these resources and recommends users to report possible cheating in games. Players who use the software may face severe penalties, such as indefinite account suspension. See, below, everything about the Mod and the risks related to it

What is Mod VIP?

Mod VIP is an application that changes Free Fire files so that the user gets undue advantage over other players. To use the function, it is necessary to download an APK, install it on your mobile phone and allow the application to have full control over various functions of the device. The Mod promises several features, including:

Tricks that will make you count in every game of Free Fire

  • Increase the speed levels of your character, that is, be faster than the rest.
  • Apply amazing H3adsh0t direct to the head.
  • You will have infinite b4las.
  • You will decrease the lag in the games.
  • Increase the scope for greater precision.
  • Increase your stamina.

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